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The Best Reusable Face Masks With Nose Wires N95 KN95 Disposable and More

The Best Reusable Face Masks With Nose Wires N95 KN95 Disposable and More

Masks are again part of the daily uniform for most of us. As the number of COVID-19 cases start to rise again with the Omicron variant, mask mandates have returned across the U.S. -- and face coverings are one of the easiest ways to ensure daily protection from COVID-19. And if you're traveling, many airlines have banned cloth masks, making disposable masks like the KN95 a must. Most of us continue to practice social distancing and while vaccination campaigns are going strong to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (if you haven't gotten a vaccination card protector, you might want to get one now), rather than a disposable mask, demand for the best reusable face masks -- especially the best breathable face mask options -- is still high, in part because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) masks in public settings for unvaccinated people. PPE masks are usually made from breathable fabric like cotton and differ from a surgical mask and N95 respirators. Experts say those masks should be reserved for healthcare workers who are caring for the sick and should only be reused no more than five times. Some people using cloth masks are opting to double-mask for extra protection. FYI: The CDC guidelines recommend washing your reusable mask regularly (with detergent, in the washing machine); not touching your eyes, nose or mouth when removing them; and washing your hands or using hand sanitizer immediately after taking your face mask off to slow the spread of germs. One of the best ways to ensure you won't have to keep adjusting your face covering is to get one with a nose wire. That extra moveable piece can prevent your mask from shifting out of place, and ensure proper protection against COVID-19. Nose wires can also help keep the shape of a reusable face mask to enable smooth breathing, especially during activities like biking or running. It also prevents hot air from escaping around your nose, helping to prevent foggy glasses.

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