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We’ve been in this for nearly half a year now. Mid-August marks 6 months since the world really started noticing the virus, and while the first few weeks/months of lockdown were utter chaos, 6 months of being at home and being incredibly careful while outdoors has given us enough clarity to really imagine what the road ahead will be like… and face masks will almost certainly be an inseparable part of that road. Not just regular face masks. Better, more sanitary, reusable, effective, and comfortable face masks that were designed with the intent of being entirely for consumers not medical or industrial-grade masks that were made for entirely different situations.

The purME is no ordinary N95 mask. It was designed to be an N95 face-mask that you could carry in your pocket, wear for hours, breathe safely under, and easily reuse for months, if not years. Its form and material of choice are, in fact, directly inspired by silicone respirator mouth-cups that medical personnel use to administer oxygen to people. The silicone construction of the purME allows it to fit all types of faces easily as its soft body conforms to the curves of your face, creating an air-tight seal while feeling comfortable enough to be worn for hours. The silicone body makes the purME easy to reuse as well as disinfect too, and replaceable filters ensure your mask lasts you for years on end.

The purMe comes with two air-valves that allow unidirectional air-flow, filtering the air you inhale through one valve and the air you exhale through the other. The mask’s filters trap all sorts of harmful particles such as PM2.5 and allergens, both as airborne or droplets, and you can even upgrade to P100 filters with a simple swap, allowing you to effectively filter out 99.8% particles. The mask comes with a flexible design, thanks to the silicone construction, and slips easily into your pocket or bag when not in use. While wearing it, adjustable ear-straps ensure a secure fit, while a neck-strap allows you to hang the purME around your neck when it’s safe to take the mask off. The mask’s LFGB-grade silicone withstands years of use, and can periodically be washed in the machine to disinfect it too (just remember to pop the filters out before you do). The mask comes in translucent/frosted black and white (with a choice between gray, white, or rose-gold air-valves) and the purME team is even working on an entirely transparent version to allow you to breathe clearly while being able to smile at people and unlock your phone using facial-recognition.

Designed with the highest safety standards while also accommodating for a variety of face-sizes, the purME was made FOR the everyday consumer. Its snug fit and adjustable tightness means you could wear the mask for hours at an end and not feel any discomfort, while the mask’s undoubtedly fashion-friendly aesthetic means you’ll actually WANT to wear it when you step out. Plus, its long-lasting design was made to provide you with fresh, clean air not for a week or a month, but rather for the foreseeable future.

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